Everything You Need to Know

About Carbohydrates


You need carbohydrates…

Carbohydrates are your brain and muscles’ primary energy source. And if you eat too few, or the wrong type, you feel fatigued, lightheaded, and hungry.

Yea, really, hungry.

But if you eat too many, well, the scale and your pants size start going opposite of the direction you desire.

Carbohydrates are confusing…

Some are “good,” and others are “bad”

Some digest fast, and others digest slow

Some have no sugar, some have lots of sugar, and some even have fake sugar

And sure, you can Google the answer to the dozens of carbohydrate questions you have, but this means you have to sift through the millions of hits readily available at your fingertips without knowing where to start or who to trust…

Until Now!

My name is Paul Salter and I am a Registered Dietitian and Founder of TNT Nutrition University, the home to premiere online video courses.

The past few years I’ve worked 1:1 with over 700 people and helped them lose thousands of pounds of body fat.

I’ve taken the information and tools surrounding carbohydrates and put them together into one short and sweet video course. Throughout this course — you can watch it all in under two hours — you’ll learn to confidently choose “premium” carbohydrates that will:

Provide you with long-lasting energy

Keep you feeling full in between meals #lifesaver 

Give you the boost you need before a workout 

Replenish your energy after a workout

And much more!


Once you get your carbohydrate confidence back…

No longer will you constantly feel hungry before your next meal…

No longer will you feel you need a nap at 10:00am…and again at 2:30pm…

No longer will you feel anxious dining out or grocery shopping…


take a look inside

A carb is not a carb

What are Carbohydrates

Part I- Structure

What are Carbohydrates

Part II- Function

Course Details

In this course, you’ll get 18 videos – each is 2 – 5 minutes in length – that provide you with concise content and actionable takeaways that you can apply immediately to begin improving your health, and physique.

You’ll also receive a downloadable PDF that contains questions pertaining to each individual video to help you master the main takeaways from the course and to encourage you to put into action what you learn.

“Paul does an excellent job making each topic simple and easy to understand. I love the style and can’t wait for more courses. This should be mandatory for EVERYONE!”

Jess C.

“I do love how each video in the carb course is short. It keeps me attentive and wanting to keep clicking to the next video, but is also a good way to not lose track of your progress when you don’t have much time to finish everything. Thanks again!”

Jayne J.

“Working with Paul was amazing — he was integral to the success I had. He’s so great at educating…he helped me understand the ‘why’ of nutrition changes we made. I’m so grateful for working with Paul — he completely changed my life.”

Kailtin M.

Whos’s it For?

Full-Time Parents

“I always felt that I could be eating and feeding my kids better. Yet, with such a busy schedule, I never made the time to learn more. Paul’s quick content fit with my schedule perfectly and gave me the knowledge and confidence to ensure me and my family are eating healthy. Thank, Paul!”

Tara R.

You Want To Look Like You Workout 5x Per Week

“I’ve been going to CrossFit 5 nights per week the past three years. I didn’t finally feel as if I looked the part until watching Paul’s carbohydrate and protein courses!”

Stephanie P.

You Want A Healthy Relationship With Food

“I always felt anxious about eating specific foods, and even guilty for choosing “bad” foods. Especially with carbs! After watching Paul’s carbohydrate course, I feel 10x more confident. I can’t wait to watch another course!”

Jackie A.

You Want To Increase Your Nutrition Confidence

“I never know who to trust about nutrition information. My workout partners do one thing, my coworkers another, yet, the internet says both aren’t good. TNT University provides reliable information and even better, Paul teaches you how to apply it to your day. I love that each video is only a few minutes!”

Adrienne L.

Trainers and Coaches Who Want To Better Help Their Clients

“I’ve been a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Consultant in the business for over seven years and was happily surprised to see the brilliant format of educational content in TNT University. Bravo. Merci beaucoup!!! I look forward to (re)learning more soon.”

Sebastien L.

“Paul’s ability to make learning the nuances of nutrition engaging and entertaining, and most importantly, practical, is second to none!”

Ashley C.

“I learned so many things with Paul’s help. I have learned how to eat, when to eat it. But more importantly that the scale is JUST A NUMBER and is really” irrelevant” in your progress. That your body composition is changing even if your scale is not. How you feel is MORE important than the scale. My performance in the box is through the rough and surprisingly even when on a cut.”

Brandie V.

“Paul is filled with knowledge nuggets. I can’t imagine not having his advice/support/wisdom in the uncertain delicious world of food!”

Katie M.

“Paul was so essential to my success. His vast knowledge about nutrition and dieting meant that he always had a plan for me and knew exactly when to make what changes”

Adrianna A.


I’m so confident that you’ll find each course valuable that I’m extending a 60-day 100% money back guarantee. All I ask is that you watch each video in the course(s) you purchased and complete the accompanying supporting content. If you’re still not satisfied, send me an email explaining why and I’ll refund your purchase(s).


Paul Salter, MS, RD,LD, CSCS

Hey, I’m Paul Salter, Registered Dietitian (RD) and founder of TNT Nutrition University. My passion is providing you with the information and tools you need to eat healthily and confidently for life.

The past few years, I’ve helped more than 700 people 1:1 transform their lives, while collectively losing thousands of pounds of body fat and building hundreds of pounds of muscle. I’ve worked with a diverse group of people, including first-time dieters, full-time parents, high-level CrossFit competitors, elite powerlifters and bodybuilders, as well as Collegiate, Professional, and Olympic athletes.

I currently serve as a Sports Nutrition Consultant for Renaissance Periodization and am the former Nutrition Editor for the world’s largest health and supplement site, Bodybuilding.com.

get your carbohydrates confidence back today!

You can spend hundreds of Dollars

Per Month to work with a coach……

You can spend hundreds of dollars

for a one-time certification course….

You can spend thousands of Dollars

The rest of your life on health care costs…

or you can spend a small amount of money to learn how to

eat healthy and confidently for life!


Each course is individually priced as follows:

Everything You Need To Know About Carbohydrates: $57
Everything You Need To Know About Protein: $57
Everything You Need To Know About Fat: $57
Everything You Need To Know About Hydration: $57
Advanced Hunger-Fighting Strategies: $77
Bundle: $217

Note: You will be charged a one-time fee and have lifetime access to these videos.

Upon purchase, you can use the username/password you created to log-in to the site and begin watching the videos immediately!

To login, visit this link: tntnutritionuniversity.paulsaltercoaching.com.

Then, select “Log in” in the top right corner and enter your username and password.

If you are prompted to log-in (again) after making a purchase, enter the username/password you created at either A) check-out when purchasing this course or B) at check-out when purchasing your first course.

Yes, each video is compatible on your desktop, tablet, or phone. You can watch the videos directly on the TNT Nutrition University website.

Nope! You pay a one-time price for access to the course(s) you purchased.

Absolutely! We utilize Stripe as our payment service provider. Your credit card information is never sent to the TNT Nutrition University course server. Instead, it’s sent directly to Stripe. That means your information is never stored on the TNT Nutrition University server and will never be impacted if any issues arise.

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Once I see you’ve requested to join, I will gladly open the gates!