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Who Is TNT Nutrition University For:

Full-Time Parents

“I always felt that I could be eating and feeding my kids better. Yet, with such a busy schedule, I never made the time to learn more. Paul’s quick content fit with my schedule perfectly and gave me the knowledge and confidence to ensure me and my family are eating healthy. Thank, Paul!”
Tara R.

You Want To Look Like You Workout 5x Per Week

“I’ve been going to CrossFit 5 nights per week the past three years. I didn’t finally feel as if I looked the part until watching Paul’s carbohydrate and protein courses!”
Stephanie P.


You Want A Healthy Relationship With Food

“I always felt anxious about eating specific foods, and even guilty for choosing “bad” foods. Especially with carbs! After watching Paul’s carbohydrate course, I feel 10x more confident. I can’t wait to watch another course!”
Jackie A.

You Want To Increase Your Nutrition Confidence

“I never know who to trust about nutrition information. My workout partners do one thing, my coworkers another, yet, the internet says both aren’t good. TNT University provides reliable information and even better, Paul teaches you how to apply it to your day. I love that each video is only a few minutes!”
Adrienne L.

Trainers and Coaches Who Want To Better Help Their Clients

“I’ve been a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Consultant in the business for over seven years and was happily surprised to see the brilliant format of educational content in TNT University. Bravo. Merci beaucoup!!! I look forward to (re)learning more soon.”
Sebastien L.

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TNT Nutrition University Testimonial Quotes

Paul does an excellent job making each topic simple and easy to understand. I love the style and can’t wait for more courses. This should be mandatory for EVERYONE!

Jess C

I do love how each video in the carb course is short. It keeps me attentive and wanting to keep clicking to the next video, but is also a good way to not lose track of your progress when you don’t have much time to finish everything. Thanks again!

Jayne J.

Working with Paul was amazing — he was integral to the success I had. He’s so great at educating…he helped me understand the ‘why’ of nutrition changes we made. I’m so grateful for working with Paul — he completely changed my life.

Kailtin M.


TNT Nutrition University Testimonial Quotes

I always wondered if the fat I was eating was good or bad. Now I know. And I also know that it’s good for me to eat fat. Thanks, Paul!

Jasmine Y.

I used to be scared to eat fat because I thought it would make me fat. I actually avoided fat as often as I could. I learned that fat is actually very good for me and may even help improve my body and workouts.

Rebecca E.


TNT Nutrition University Testimonial Quotes

This course was eye-opening. I thought I was plagued with regular headaches, but once I began drinking more fluids, my headaches disappeared. Who knew something so simple could fix what I thought was a complex problem. Thanks, Paul!

Robert M.

I always wondered why Paul would tell me to “hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.” Now, I know. Hydration impacts so many parts of my day and I am so glad I bought this course. What I learned is information I will use the rest of my life.

Rebecca E.


TNT Nutrition University Testimonial Quotes

This course and Paul’s eBook completely changed the way I approached my last diet! I lost more weight than ever before and was able to stick to all 12 weeks!

Rachel D.

I used to come home every night after work and immediately open the fridge and grab whatever I saw first. Now, I have much more control over my hunger and have been able to stay on track at night since watching this course three weeks ago.

Nikki Y.